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Participants will return to their companies better able to:

  • Manage the role of gatekeeper: focus on results, maximize efficiency, successfully navigate through ambiguity; zero in on the most critical points, control the flow of information; learn to anticipate the unexpected; build and foster effective relationships.

  • Master the art of common-sense decision-making, while applying analytical and interpersonal skills.

  • Improve executive’s working experience by quickly adapting to their style of doing business and accepting responsibility for clarifying, and being guided by, the executive’s objectives, while creatively establishing priorities in compliance with those objectives.

  • Apply strategic skills of good judgment, analytic thoroughness, attention to detail, efficiency in execution, organization and distraction control in order to focus on the tasks at hand.

  • Be precise, perceptive and persuasive in communication to reach a global audience.

  • Innately understand the urgency of unflappable ethics and integrity.

  • Manage clear, oral communication in complex situations, while respecting cultural differences.

  • Maximize efficiency: learn to develop next practices while excelling at today’s best practices.

  • Be proactive rather than reactive.

  • Synthesize the big picture rather than analyze a single component.

  • Understand the impact of technological change and systems-based thinking.

  • Proactively improve peak performance. Self-manage for personal effectiveness.

  • Understand the integrity implication aspect of what you say vs. what you do.

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