The Duncan Group’s BootCamps©

Press Conference


The Duncan Group’s BootCamps© and Forums are created in response to a growing demand for high-quality, executive-level training for global chiefs of staff and executive assistants.


Our BootCamps© skills training curriculum promotes on-the-job effectiveness by providing key information, practice and tools.


These Forums will serve three main purposes:  

1) to foster global networks of managerial and administrative-level chiefs of staff and professional C-Suite assistants,

2) to encourage discussions about the relevance of the role of professional assisting,

3) to help us to define the advanced, indispensable skills and attributes necessary to achieve competitive levels of high-performance leadership in this career. 


Objectives are linked to specific outcomes that all course participants are expected to achieve.


Our interactive Forums provide the platform for participants to share perspectives on the evolution of this role.