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In today's 24/7 global business climate, executive's are relying more than ever on their C-Suite team; therefore, the academic, technological, organizational, and leadership skills far exceed what was historically expected in both Chief of Staff and high-level Executive Assistant roles.  

Clients come to us because other approaches to finding top-quality candidates have proven inadequate, or unreliable.

Our ability to understand our clients’ needs, and to quickly identify qualified candidates through our established global network, enables us to create the “right fit” between the executive and their core team.

​​We are engaged by CEOs and senior-level executives internationally to recruit their chiefs of staff, executive and/or personal assistants, chief administrative officers, director of communications, and investor relations executives.

In addition, we have extensive experience staffing at all levels within Family Offices from executive/managerial positions to executive protection roles. 

Our experience confirms that skills are transferable, provided a candidate has the “right” attitude.

 We search for exceptional candidates whose backgrounds and skills match those required by our clients and conduct a vigorous screening process, including in-depth interviews, to determine a candidate’s suitability in terms of education, experience, personality, skills, and presentation.

Our holistic methodology and collaborative approach enable us to see beyond just the "resume" and get to know the whole person.  

The most critical qualities we look for in candidates at every level are

resilience, tenacity, empathy, precision, exceptional communication skills, global social skills, unflappable discretion, adaptability, personal drive, stability, superior problem-solving capability, business acumen, and a tactical approach to managing priorities.

Let us help you find your strategic partner.

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