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The Strategy that Changes Your Life

  • Executive and Managerial-Level Chiefs of Staff, Executive Life Managers and C-Suite Assistants uphold the principles of good moral character and personal integrity, and model appropriate social skills and values.


  • We build cross-cultural relationships, adapt our behavior to changing circumstances, and treat our colleagues with respect, courtesy, empathy, and candor.


  • We are accountable for our actions and take responsibility for the consequences of our decisions.


  • We are vested by our employers with a trust and responsibility requiring the highest ideals of professional service.


  • We protect our employers’ right to privacy and the confidentiality of our companies’ business practices.


  • We are committed to protect the interests of the Executive(s) we support, our organizations and the welfare of our peers and colleagues.


  • We refuse to cooperate with or condone by silence the actions of coworkers or employers who misuse their positions for personal, non-professional advantage.


  • We value the principles of self-discipline and personal development and the need to evolve from strategic support to manager to leader.


  • We establish the highest personal performance standards and strive for excellence by continuing professional and educational development and skill building.


  • As workplace business partners, we enhance our employer’s (and our) reputation by representing the organization with tact, a polished presentation, and excellence in professional performance.


  • We strive to maintain and enhance the dignity, status, competence, and standards of the profession.


  • We are committed to maintaining a healthy emotional, social and physical balance which are the essential ingredients of unrivaled performance.


  • We create a new tradition for the next generation of Executive- and Administrative-Level Chiefs of Staff, Executive Life Managers and C-Suite Assistants and support their development and success.


  • We have a personal obligation to support and follow the Code, recognizing that the greatest penalty possible for its violation is loss of respect of professional colleagues and the trust of employers, clients, and society.

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