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Our interdisciplinary project teams consist of professionals from diverse backgrounds who use their perspectives to facilitate positive organizational change. Together, we form a consortium of experts who share a commitment to quality client service by providing access to state-of-the-art knowledge and expert techniques in executive development, management and supervision, learning systems design, assessment and evaluation, group facilitation and training delivery.


Our human resources consulting services are tailored to support our clients’ existing culture and include such activities as:


  • Cultivating strong teamwork and productivity

  • Aligning the administrative staff support framework, including the redesign of roles, procedures and resources

  • Training management and support staff to effectively implement new systems

  • Building systems, policies, and procedures that facilitate the judicious hiring, assignment, replacement and compensation of the support staff

  • Designing human resource handbooks, job descriptions, procedures for performance and compensation reviews


We work closely with management to create teams that are energized, empowered and engaged. The outcome of our consulting practice is a reliable and collaborative environment, with administrative efficiency and effectiveness.

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