The Premier© Program

August 2019

Premier© Program Objectives:

  • Build self-reliance, communication skills, interpersonal competence

  • Hone methods to resolve issues, situations, applications

  • Focus on concepts conducive to rapid decision making and execution

  • Develop self-management skills to embrace technological and organizational change; improve productivity

  • Resolve ethical dilemmas in the C-Suite

  • Appreciate business strategies and impact of government regulation

  • Achieve comfort with financial reporting and accounting

  • Nurture innovation, deductive reasoning, analytical problem-solving, organizational skills building

  • Partnering for performance.

  • Tactical skills to allow for an even greater oversight role



As a result of the Premier© Program, participants will understand and apply:

  • Leadership competence through innovation to create new capabilities to solve problems

  • Management competence through the ability to create structure and build teams

  • Strategic support through partnering relationships 

  • The impact of the individual:  access and advocacy

  • Persuasive strategies through clarifying, simplifying and communicating clearly

  • Thinking strategically: understand the difference between the decisions that “hold the fort” and decisions that create the future, and the context in which those decisions are made

  • Cornerstones of good business practices:  ethics, credibility, respect

  • Comprehensive methods to focus on results, maximize efficiency and productivity

  • Actionable strategies to apply organizational skills to focus on goal accomplishment

  • Keen understanding of economic trends and global events

  • Global communication and interpersonal competence

  • The importance of government regulations on business


Six days over a two-week period: August 19, 20, 21; 26, 27, 28, 2019



New York City


The Premier© Program is a six-day productivity initiative designed and delivered by Columbia University faculty and modeled on the executive degree program they developed.

This course of study is a unique educational experience designed specifically to address issues, circumstances, and knowledge necessary for the C-Suite Executive Assistant to partner more effectively with senior management.


Participants in this program will acquire broad business knowledge in order to provide support as a collaborative business partner, with higher levels of responsibility that are strategically interwoven with management and leadership tasks.


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"Before you become a leader, success is all about growing yourself. After you become a leader, success is about growing others."

-Jack Welch (CEO, General Electric)